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Bug / Feature Request(s) for Graph Editor

Windows 10, Chrome.

  1. When selecting the link to “go to the graph editor”, the graph editor does not default to whatever was the current goal at the time. It would be better to just go straight to that goal, and not require for me to choose it again.

  2. The graph editor has a drop down combo-box for choosing a goal. It doesn’t look like a combo-box, but probably should. Also, initial sort should be alphabetical, it’s currently random-looking.

    EDIT: I now see this isn’t a typical combo-box, it’s more like a magical selection box. Click once in it, and it drops down with all choices, randomly ordered. The interface is non-intuitive. If I start typing, it filters the list below. So for example, it started with the name of a goal called "brushteeth_am " (not the one I came from). I start typing “clean” and it shows the input as “brushteeth_am clean”, and it filters the list below to include all goals that include the word “clean” in them.

    Well I can use it now after groking the functionality, but it was frustrating when I thought of it as a drop down and had to every time hunt down my actual desired goal from an unsorted list. I don’t know if the insta-filter is really necessary, but I’m sure it would be easier for new users if the list was sorted.

  3. The graph editor’s web page doesn’t have an icon or name for the tab-header in chrome.


Ironically, I’m pretty sure that it is sorted. Inappropriately sorted, and I 100% agree that alphabetical would be best.

(Even better would be not needing to choose a goal from the list; I only ever go to the graph editor from a particular goal page, with the intention of editing the graph of that particular goal.)

It seems to be sorted according to the algorithm that I devised for the dashboard, which defaults to shows you the goals that are nearest to derailment that have the highest amount at risk, with alphabetical order as the final tie-breaker.

That’s the right thing for the dashboard, but the wrong thing for the graph editor! As you point out, it’s no more useful in that context than if it were random.

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