this header was different... ?

The header of the list of goals, was it like this?

Wasn’t there a deadline title in there? Instead of Urgency?
or am I imaging things?


Good eye! Yes, we’re moving to a more black-box sorting function. Instead of sorting strictly by deadline we’re sorting by our own opinionated conception of urgency, tentatively like so:

  1. First come any goals that have hit their end date. We want these to be up in your face until you either restart or archive them.
  2. Next come active goals that have a Pessimistic Presumptive Report (PPR) as their most recent datapoint. These need to be up in your face as well, because of the QS First principle: PPRs make your graph less reflective of the real-world thing it’s measuring.
  3. Finally, we show the rest of your active goals sorted by deadline – how long until you’ll derail if you do nothing – with ties broken by pledge amount, more expensive goals first.

We’re actually working on a blog post about this at the moment!


Deadline was indeed the old heading, but it has had a flavour of urgency for a long time.

The canonical ‘deadline’ sort order that I implemented yonks ago had a series of tie breakers, iirc:

  1. deadline, soonest on top
  2. pledge amount, higher on top
  3. goal name, alphabetical order

All of these have presumably survived in Danny’s item № 3.

This started because in the early versions of our sortable dashboard, the order was what I would call ‘unstable’, meaning that every time you clicked to sort by deadline the goals might end up in a different order.

Ended goals have always sorted to the top, I believe; they are by definition ‘soonest’ because their deadlines are in the past. In the new sequence they need to be special-cased to allow for the insertion of Danny’s item № 2.

I endorse the change to put missing-data goals on top (and hope that one day we’ll be able to tag any goal as being daily, not just the do-less goals that this starts with).


this worked only once, now the goals are always at the bottom of the page and I need to remember to add data to them


Hey there, so the dashboard isn’t dynamic, (that’s nothing new), and so if you aren’t reloading the dashboard page daily, and you have data that’s entered from other sources (autodata, PPRs, smartphone apps, etc), then you’re going to be operating on stale information.

There is a sneaky / un-advertised / not-easy-to-discover workaround for that, which is you can reload an individual goal on the dashboard by double clicking on the expand/collapse chevron. I just stuck it in as a sort of easter egg for my own convenience because I have a zillion goals and reloading my dashboard takes forever. But we haven’t spent time figuring out how to work it in in a more integrated way. (also it will still toggle the expand/collapse state of the goal when you double click it, so that’s pretty ugly).

Does that help at all?


Ironically, for me as a user, the double-click trick makes the problem @ieahleen brings up with PPR sorting worse. That’s because I’m lulled into a false sense of security that I never need to bother reloading my dashboard. If there’s a red goal that I think I’ve dispatched elsewhere (typically via the Android app) I just double-click it and it’ll turn orange. Then I click the “URGENCY” header again and it re-sorts itself. So that works perfectly for everything except the new PPR sorting.

But as @bee says, for now the workaround is to reload your dashboard at least once a day.


No, considering that I don’t keep the tab open. I see the new pessimistic point in the dashboard from the little graph thumbnails, but the goals are not sorted to the top… I’m going to turn off the presumptive data again it’s useless, it would cause the goal to fail in two weeks never today and it doesn’t sort to the top, it just creates fractional data points that I need to periodically remove

the presumptive datapoint is there, here in the app or on desktop I see it without needing to open the goal. the goal is not sorted at the top as promised

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Huh, something different must be going on for you. Can you email so we can investigate?

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This looks like a screenshot from the ios app. It does not yet sort by ‘urgency’ although Theo recently updated it to do so (replacing deadline with urgency, https :// ).


I used it for the graph thumbnails

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