Bug report: "today's weight is required"

why is it sometimes when I try to make a new goal is the “today’s weight is required” error on the “commit at leas” page? Then I close the tab and make another goal with the exactly the same specification it goes through to the next page.

is this some type of bug?

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Eek, yup, sounds like a bug! To clarify, you see “today’s weight is required” even when it’s not a weight loss goal? And it’s a brick wall, forcing you to start over with creating the goal to make the error go away?

I only use “do more” goals ever. So it’s def a bug.

(Note mostly to selves: We fixed something superficially similar to this in September – http://beeminder.com/changelog#2395 (see link to Trello card there as well). First question for @apb: does this look like a potential m2 regression?)

I ran into this (or something that looks the same) today.

Steps to reproduce

  1. From the dashboard, click “create a new goal”
  2. Click “Add progress manually”
  3. Click “Do more”
  4. Open a link from the page in a new tab. eg “Help Docs” (I use ctrl+click for this)
  5. Fill required fields and click “continue”

Expected result
Able to continue goal creation

Actual result
Error banner “Today’s weight is required” appears. I could work around by going back using Beeminder’s back button and selecting “Do more” again.

If I skip step 4 it works fine. (I have too many tabs open now!). I’m using Firefox 79.0 under linux.