Can an app be allowed after a number of time spent on another app?

So I have an idea: block YouTube after 35 hours of reading (35=5x7). Is it possible to track the time spent on one app, and during that time a single instance of YouTube I will be bitten, but after that I’m free to watch as much as I can?

Are you using ios or Android?

Android and Windows

You can setup RescueTime to block websites (“FocusTime session” feature) based on goals/alerts. So if you spent X minutes on category Y, then an alert is triggered and distracting websites (like YouTube) are blocked.
This also works on the opposite: A minutes spend on (good) category B will stop the block of distracting sites.

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The point is, I want to classify it as neutral, not distracting. In fact, I set all categories as neutral, and only leave some of them as productive or very productive. I know that visiting Reddit or YouTube can suggest me a lot of ideas, as long as it’s not too frequently.

There is a strict mode for Focus Time that also blocks neutral sites.

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that’s still not optimal, because I actually classify many of other sites as neutral, and it can only block websites, while YouTube can be an app in my phone. Ideally, it’s better to punish me when there are data on a whole category. There is also VLC in this category too.

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