How to Beemind YouTube Watch Time

Hello! I would appreciate any thoughts on how I can beemind time I spend watching YouTube or even better the time I stop watching YouTube. I want to limit how much time I spend watching YouTube at night instead of sleeping. I use an iPhone. It would be great if somehow I could beemind the time I stop using my phone/YouTube.

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I’m not sure if you’re asking for general advice here or if you have a particular way of doing this in mind and want technical tips for “autodata”, but –

Something I’ve found tremendously effective for limiting my twitter reading (perhaps too effective) is to beemind (“do more” goal) days I don’t use twitter at all, just manually recording that.

If you’re prone to bingeing youtube or “just one more” you might find the same with that.


I tried to use Rescuetime with Beeminder but it didn’t really work out. I tried to limit YouTube specifically but it didn’t recognize when I was using my phone app. I also tried to use Rescuetime to limit distracting time generally, but I kept derailing without getting proper warning that I was getting close. Freedom works well at blocking the site and app (except the times I permit it to be open) but it doesn’t work on my android devices.

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No advice on how to beemind usage but what works for me to limit usage:

  • Deinstall/deactivate the Youtube app from your phone. Bonus: now you’re watching in a browser and can have adblock plugins to avoid all the ads.
  • Use Leechblock (Firefox, Chrome) to limit the duration and/or timeframe[1] - both on the phone and on the laptop. I am sure there is something equivalent for iOS/Safari.

  1. Weirdly specific example: My rule is: "No limits on weekends and on workdays from 7 pm to 10 pm; in all other periods allow 20 minutes per each 8 hours." (This is to allow watching a relevant explanation video at work but prevents me from checking Youtube all the time.) ↩︎

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