Limit use of distracting apps/websites [Android]

I would like to limit use of distracting websites and apps. Specifically Reddit, Instagram, and Youtube. I use an Android phone but can’t for the life of me, find a way to do this. I tried RescueTime but I could not figure out how to group these websites/apps into a specific category and beemind them. There was an entertainment category (or some equivalent), but it also tracked things like Spotify and Camera. I don’t want that. I want a custom category with those three websites. Is that doable with ResueTime, or with another beeminder integration?


Suspect you’re not the only one facing this challenge. That might’ve been why I stopped using RescueTime. Apple’s screen time tracker isn’t hugely better because it also auto-categorises things differently than I would.

Some apps have helpful features; on iPhone the Apollo for Reddit app has a ‘paged’ mode that combats the urge to infinitely scroll, unaware of passing time. For me, I really hate ads, so youtube itself often gets me to quit the app because I’d rather not watch what they’re forcing on me.

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may not be what you want to do with this one but there is an app called Stay Focused. This can limit app and website usage with opitions such as usage limit, specific time intervals, quick block, number of launches, wait timer and goal based option (block until used educational apps for 10 minutes).
There is no beeminder integration with this but this might cover the issue of limiting distracting apps.

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