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Can I email support and ask them to charge me $n?

Just what the title says. Is it fair game to email Beeminder support, say, once a month, and ask them to charge me an arbitrary dollar amount? Thinking about brewing my own custom commitment device, enforced by a traditional Beeminder goal, where I would email support and ask them to charge me a varying amount each month. I’d expect there would be a minimum amount Beeminder would be willing to charge me. $1?


I’m not sure about whether it’s something support could do, so I’ll let @shanaqui or @dreev cover that, but it’s something you can do through IFTTT, if you’d like. There’s a Beeminder “Charge Me” action in which you can fill in any number you’d like (or have the trigger provide a number). If you have an IFTTT free plan and have already used your 3 free recipes (I think it’s 3 recipes now) we could also create one that you can use if you let us know what the trigger you’re looking for is.


I agree with @mary! If it doesn’t work to do it via the /chargeme API endpoint for whatever reason, talk to us! (It might also turn out to be easy for us to make a human interface to that at a URL like or something but it might not be a priority without more demand for such a thing.) Also I’m dying to hear more about what custom commitment devices you’re setting up regardless!


I’m shirking & turking as much as possible on writing any code for this:

For anyone other than myself signing up, I’m planning to charge them through TaskRatchet. But I think it would be more effective for myself if I sent my own money to Beeminder.

I guess maybe I could set something up for myself using IFTTT or Integromat? Again, doing my best to shirk…

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Hacked something together using Integromat and a Google Sheet:


At first, I surmised this meant something like “avoid” (like “duck and weave”). I’m glad I Googled this phrase for it’s real meaning!

here’s what I call the Shirk & Turk Principle: When writing any new app or website or feature, implement as little of it as you can get away with and manually fake the rest behind the scenes. Don’t write code in anticipation of its usefulness, write code when you have to.