Programmatically Charging Myself When I Fail?

I’ve built a productivity app for myself and want to charge myself whenever I commit to X but don’t do it. I have to manually commit to things but once committed the app can automatically determine when I don’t do X.

Right now, if I don’t do X, it sends an embarrassing text, but I want to make it charge me somehow. I can’t use PayPal because I need a business account to send money to others programmatically and I can’t use Stripe since the money would have to go to my own bank account that I link so there’s no net loss on my side.

Is there any way, however hacky it is, to use Beeminder so that I can make some GET or POST request when I commit to a goal but fail and have Beeminder charge me?


Not hacky at all!


As a (very simple) practical example of how to use that API, you can take a look at this simple cron job I posted about on this forum a number of months ago.


Agh I feel like such a fool for not finding that before, thanks.