Can't adjust default amount of recommit mercy

When I try to change it from 9 to 2 under “new goal defaults” it won’t let me. It just goes back to 9. It also incorrectly displays the maximum pledge (it says 9 instead of 2430).


Thanks so much for reporting this - they were, believe it or not, related to each other! I’m running tests and deploying the fix as I type this, you should see it shortly; you’ll want to update your maximum pledge after it’s live since (I don’t believe) we have a way to find out what it was before it was changed.

If you want the gritty details, we had some javascript running when that form was submitted that removed the ‘$’ character from the max pledge field, but it wasn’t very choosy about what text field it modified, so it was changing both fields to the same value, which is why it got set to $9.
And the default amount of mercy wasn’t sticking because we hadn’t added it to attr_accessible in the rails model.

And in typing that, it’s now live - I’ll see if there’s a way to figure out what your max pledge was set to, but if you change it back yourself now, it will stick correctly.


Still getting a weird version of this when I create a goal - the $9 pops up as the default max, which goes to 0 and then 5, etc., when you click the arrow.

Try again now? (You can delete the goal immediately if necessary). Your default pledge cap was still 9 in the database, I’m guessing as a remnant of the change you made when you discovered the bug; I just adjusted it to 30.

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