Pledge amount on graph does not change after editing pledge

When I edit the pledge amount for a goal (edit: changing the amount through the Commitment tab of the goal editor through the web interface), the graph still displays the old pledge amount. It does change to the correct amount once the graph is regenerated for any other reason (e.g. new datapoint), but changing the pledge itself does not cause the graph to regenerate.

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Thanks for the bug report! I was confused at first because we usually use “pledge” to refer to the dollar amount – the amount of money at risk for the goal. But you mean the rate you’re committing to? Like 10,000 steps per day?

If so, I’m failing to reproduce this. Could you add a screenshot maybe? Or clarify what your mean by pledge amount for starters?

By pledge, I do mean the dollar amount at risk for the goal. When I change the pledge amount (using the button circled below), the graph isn’t regenerated and continues to show the old pledge amount:

Kind of a nitpick :sweat_smile:, because the pledge amount on the graph does correct itself the next time the graph is generated.


Oh, ha! I didn’t think you meant that because you can’t normally change the dollar pledge immediately. But from $0 to $5 you can! So that’s a legit bug. Thank you!

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