Unarchive Goal Re-pledge screen unclear

I recently unarchived a couple of goals under the new UI and noticed a page that confused me a bit:

Maybe I am just dense but the button “Fine, $10” is pretty unclear of what I am actually doing. I believe this particular goal I had a hard pledge CAP for $5. So would this be just raising my pledge cap or actually raising my INITIAL pledge to $10? For me personally, something like the following would be clearer “Here is the current pledge you will have, here is the pledge CAP you will have. Are these setting OK, or would you like to change them?”


Yes, I also found this confusing. I eventually gave up on the wall of text and just clicked “Restart”.

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It’s possible this predates pledge caps and we failed to consider the interaction, which is embarrassing. Or we might’ve messed this up in the redesign. We did apparently make it uglier and more confusing in the redesign. Thanks so much for reporting this! We shall fix!

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Looks like there might be other bugs here. This is what I got when unarchiving a goal that I hadn’t derailed on and it still had the original pledge of $0. That doesn’t seem fair… I wasn’t quite sure that Beeminder would be that rude so I pressed the button and sure enough my pledge has been bumped to $5. @dreev