Can't change commitment when there's an upcoming break

Earlier today I set a number of breaks on account of an upcoming trip to Berlin. :de::sparkles:

Then I decided to dial down one of the goals a bit, and was confused when the red line didn’t seem to change slope at the akrasia horizon.

After force-refreshing a few times and loading the svg graph separately, etc. I finally thought to look at the graph editor.

Turns out that the new commitment goes at the end of the graph matrix, possibly regardless of the rest of the segments or dates.

Expectata: Should be clever enough to change all the old-slope segments to new-slope from the akrasia horizon onward, while preserving the breaks. This may require or be fixed by ‘true breaks’

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 19.06.47

Related, there seems to be a (visual?) off-by-one error in the graph editor. If I change that segment to be right on the akrasia horizon, it gives an error on submission: “can’t get easier”

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 19.26.37

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Thank you for these bug reports!

These are both kind of cans of worms. Recently we added some UI-copy to warn about the first thing:

Dialing your red line means changing your commitment starting a week from now.
This will adjust the final segment of your red line graph, so if you already have graph changes upcoming, you might want to use the more powerful graph editor to make changes to your commitment.

Not that adding UI-copy tends to do much good, other than letting us blame the user for not reading it (as no user ever does).

As for the off-by-one error, that’s related to but there’s still clearly a problem…

As I’ve demonstrated. :slightly_smiling_face: Didn’t even see it, even after my confusion!