Change 'Archive Goal' to 'Quit Goal'

As a new beeminder, if my question is “How do I quit/stop this goal?” the obvious answer is not ‘Archive the goal’.

Currently the button says ‘Archive goal’ with the help text (is this visible/accessible on tablets?) the fact that it quits the goal is not mentioned until I’ve already read 75% of a boring message.

I suggest changing the button text to ‘Quit goal’ with the help text indicating that the goal will be archived.


Counterpoint! The fact that it’s a prominent red button gives the idea and “archive” better conveys that it not only ends the goal but removes it from your gallery.

Please click the heart on @insti’s suggestion if you agree that it should be “Quit” and click the heart on this if you think “Archive” is good.

(And thanks for this suggestion regardless! And we do need to make that hovertext tablet-friendly.)


Whether it appears in the gallery or not is not something I should need to care about if I want to quit a goal.
It doesn’t say ‘delete’ so I assume it’ll still be accessible somewhere.


Agree that the user is most-likely looking for “how to quit”, not how to remove from gallery. (Speaking from personal experience)

“Archive” can be ambiguous:

I’ve been trying to show my parents the virtues of using Archive in their Gmail inboxes, instead of Deleting each and every message. They’ve been using Gmail for years, but for whatever reason, they don’t see why it might be in their interest.


i am an obsessive email deleter. anything i might want in the future gets thrown into a ‘saved’ folder, which i honestly never even open. this post made me think it might be nice to have an ‘archive/quit goal’ and a ‘delete goal’ (both with the 7-day delay). if i think i want to return to a goal in the future, i can archive/quit. if i know i want it gone, i can delete, and i’m fine that it can never be restored.

i understand that you don’t want users deleting goals that have climbed the pledge schedule, only to start them over again at a $5 pledge. but from a user perspective, not letting me delete chelsea/loseweight isn’t going to prevent me from starting over with chelsea/loseweight2. some people really love a clean slate, and it isn’t obvious that you can email support to request it.

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Getting a clean slate might be more obvious once the generalized road dial is here. But in the meantime, there is the x-min in settings (not obvious).

I agree that archive doesn’t necessarily make someone think the same as quit. Then we also still have that really confusing “below the fold” that I’ve still recently seen someone confuse as a way to be done with a goal. Everyone uses that area for goals they aren’t currently doing anyway. So maybe it should be labeled “Quit Goals” “Goals I Quit” and there can be a separate option to Archive still - same red button as now, which files it away where it can’t be seen.

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