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Please let me rename archived goals

I mostly just want to delete my archived goals, but in the absence of that a thing that’s really quite annoying is that I have to restart a goal in order to change its slug so it gets out of the way of the goals I’d like to replace it with. Would it be possible/easy to make it so that I can at least change the name of an archived goal?

This is particularly topical for me because I have a goal I’d like to make public that currently has an annoying ‘2’ at the end of it because it replaces an older goal that had the same name but a slightly different structure that I didn’t want to restart, but it’s also generally annoying.


Agree about renaming, but its not a big deal because you can delete archived goals with the trash can on the archived goals page.


Oh, cool! That’s new, and I didn’t know it was there because it’s not visible on the archived goal itself. Thanks!

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Secondary bugabee I guess: I’d have been much more likely to notice that if it were on the goal itself :slight_smile:


Thanks @lolernie2 for pointing this out, and @drmaciver for the original report and the suggestion to put it on the goal page as well. I’ve added it to the Trello board:

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Please allow me to rename archived goals. I don’t want to delete a goal pretty much ever (that would destroy potentially interesting data), but I do want to move it out of the way so I can reuse the name. Currently I try to remember to rename the goal before archiving, but that’s obviously a hack.


Any updates on this? Is it possible to rename archived goals yet?
(I’ve got a bunch I need to archive but have not because of this.)

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No :frowning: but one workaround and one consolation prize:

  1. You can edit the description aka the title.
  2. You can restart the goal with plenty of safety buffer, rename it, then schedule a re-archive, which will happen before Beeminder makes you actually do anything, thanks to the safety buffer.

(If by some chance #2 fails to work as advertised and actually makes you do something before re-archiving, we’ll be super grateful for the bug report and will of course not let the charge go through.)

I think I agree that archived goals should just let you rename them directly (probably along with all other settings). Originally we were worried about weaselliness related to archiving and recreating fresh goals to avoid ever pledging but I doubt that’s a real concern anymore, if it ever was. We do generally want to nudge people to restart rather than recreate goals though.

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That makes sense if they’re actually doing the same thing. The problem is if the goal is similar but the way of measuring it is very different. See my “run” goal where after a period of flat road I changed (initially without even noticing) from measuring number of runs to miles run. The history for that makes no sense. Clearly it would’ve been better to archive the run-count goal and start a new run-miles goal, but “run” is a very good name for both of them.


apologies for the second necropost on this thread :grimacing:

+1 to renaming archived goals, but also editing the graph settings. I’d love to adjust the zoom level back to encompass the whole goal duration instead of just whatever I had it set to last night when I finished it.

The workaround mentioned above about restarting with buffer, adjusting, and re-archiving seems to have worked, though now I have a week long tail on the goal that I don’t need. (apparently I also can’t set the x-max to earlier than today)


I’ve also run into the issue of needing to rename archived goals and support this endeavour!