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Hello all,

I’m a newbee and got to know Beeminder from Pact. Weird that I did not find/search for it earlier, as I very much like to structure my life and preferably, get some nice graphical representation of my goals while doing it. So very enthusiastic about this, and plunged in feet first. Tried a few goals, one of which is getting things on my to do list done at a consistent pace.

Enter my to do list: a note in Evernote for different domains excluding work (upcoming move, household chores, errands, things for an organisation I volunteer in,…). I exclude work, because, as a broker, progress is not always in my hands and my note system works very well for now. Missing for my private list though, is some kind of urgency/deadline/consistency. Much as I like crossing things of my list, unless very urgent, things got on the back-burner. Yes, I need to look into flooring options for the new house, but not today.

Beeminder helped in that I really want to stay on the yellow brick road, but this led to picking the ‘easier’ tasks first. Also, as with my FitBit steps, automatic updates would be saving time and prevent me from inventing tasks just to be able to add a data point (had to stop myself from adding ‘cooked a meal’ just not to have a flatline). Checked what apps offered this, and todoist seems very nice.

Brought over my to do’s to todoist, and now finally reaching my actual question: is it possible to edit the input from my existing ‘useful’ goal (One useful thing a day) from manual adds to integration with todoist? Or do I have to start over? If so, is there a possibility to keep my safety buffer? Actually had a very productive week and would hate to lose it with busy weekend coming up!

Many thanks and sorry for the lengthy post!

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Welcome! If you email with the details, we should be able to automate your goal behind the scenes.