IFTTT 👉 no manual input possible / easy

Hey there,
love the IFTTT integrations on some of my beeminders. But the fact that it basically replaces the manual input fields on the dashboard and goal page is really annoying. Would love if this was changed.

Any reason why it shouldn’t bee?


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Basically you want to be able to use auto and manual data in the same goal?

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For me personally I wouldn’t want this. As someone who looks for ways around actually doing something or avoiding the consequences I would attempt to cheat the system by entering manually where as the sorting out an IFTTT to trigger to get a Beeminder entry is typically more resistance than doing the goal.
What might be better is if there was a setting when starting goal creation whether you could have both manual and automatic for many of the integrations or just automatic or just manual therefore allowing those who want to avoid then ease of manual cheating the option of just automatic field entry.


Ah, thanks for sharing! But this is already possible for IFTTT/Zapier goals, anyway. You can go to the goal’s settings tab, and from there, you just need to change the data entry method from IFTTT to manual. The IFTTT entries will still work, and you’ll be able to enter data manually as well. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s ideal. Thank you.

@bizzle Yeah, that makes sense for some cases for sure! I’m using IFTTT mostly to have a smoother UX entering data, integrated with the shortcuts that I’m running most of my rituals with. But if I then do pushups outside of my morning workout, I’d still like to be able to enter them easily.


FYI: You can also post manual entries via email and Slack