Claudine's journal: System upgrade 2024

According to my beecap I’ve been beeminding since 2011! I’ve dropped in on the forum and Discord very sporadically and have kept thinking that a forum journal would help give me more public accountability… so I guess starting one now is an example of extreme procrastination.

Having been beeminding for so long means my system has a bunch of hacks and kludges that may have become redundant as new features and integrations have been added over the years. January is a holiday month for me so I’m starting February with a bit of virtual dusting. I’ll use this journal to document upgrades to my system as I discover new or updated features that have slipped my attention.

Automating caffeine tracking!

Today’s discovery is rather embarrassing: a feature I suggested was added to the iOS app and I didn’t notice for three years! Sorry @theospears and thank you for adding Apple Health dietary caffeine integration! My only excuse is that I made the suggestion on this forum but wasn’t watching the GitHub repository so I didn’t see that the issue had been opened and swiftly resolved. I only found this today as I was scanning the open issues in the repository and saw the caffeine issue linked from the Apple Health meta-issue.

I’ve created a new caffeine autodata goal and set my old manual one (iOS Shortcuts hacks and all) to archive. Building and rebuilding my Beeminder Shortcuts have taught me a few things about iOS automation and the Beeminder API so it’s definitely not wasted effort, but now I no longer need to remember to actually run my caffeine-logging Shortcut.

EDIT: No, it actually wasn’t resolved that quickly, but still… it took me another year to notice.