Close Jira issue => New data point?

So I have a project of 300 requirement tasks in a Jira project and would like to beemind closing them as the project progresses. Zapier has Jira integration but only for a “New issue” trigger. I want the opposite of that. Any ideas?

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does jira have an option to send “issue closed” emails, tweets, or anything like that? you could then use a zapier (or ifttt)-to-beeminder triggered by those messages rather than the actual issue closing.


Thank you for the idea @chelsea! There are mail notifications, but If I close an issue myself, I don’t get a notification. I can change the notification scheme to send a message to specific email address but the issues need to be publicly accessible. Since this is a private project, I don’t like the idea.

The only possible case is to try to have an additional order of notification to me. And then I guess to change the account email to a gmail one and link IFFTT to it, or something like that :slight_smile:


Sockpuppets to the rescue? (warning: context-free suggestion)

If you can add another ‘teammate’ to your private Jira project, it could use a fresh gmail account for the sole purpose of receiving these issue-closed emails. You can set up the gmail filter to forward all email to your main account which could forward them selectively to IFTTT.

It’s a hideous work-around, but auto-data has high utility.


In case anyone searches for this issue and finds this thread, you can now connect Zapier to Jira and have Zapier track for new issues in a JQL query
E.g something like “resolution = Done ORDER BY updated desc” will trigger when you resolve an issue. Since you can input any query you want, you be specific about projects, etc.