Closed Poll: Emoji emoticons and control-E

The forum can do polls! Let’s try one:

  • Super annoying how ctrl-E pops up an emoji selector instead of jumping to end-of-line
  • It’s super handy bringing up the emoji selector with ctrl-E
  • Neither is important but emoji emoticons are cool I guess
  • I hate emoji

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I never noticed, since I use ctrl/cmd rightarrow to go to end of line :relaxed:

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Oops, I tried to fix this by disabling the emoji plugin and now we have the worst of both worlds. Emoticons don’t get shown but ctrl-E still pops up the selector. (Will re-enable now.)

@mathir25, it’s actually not the same! Hitting ctrl-E jumps to the next hard newline (often the end of paragraph) rather than the current line, like cmd-E or ctrl-E. It’s handy for making sure you don’t have spurious hard newlines in the middle of a paragraph.

Where is the: “I don’t care about ctrl-E or emoji but like polls” option?
(Maybe a generic “I’d like to complain about a missing option” option might be more useful.)


Good point. Next time I’ll include a “[something else that I’ll chime in with below]” option. It won’t let me add new options after the poll is started.

Since when did Ctrl+E do that anywhere other than terminal?

At least as long as OSX has been around, I think. Works in any program that lets you type text, including all browsers. I don’t know about other OSes. Anyway, the Ctrl+E usurping will be fixed soon! (Even though I’m clearly the only one who cares :grinning:)

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