TicTag and Apple Watch

I just wanted to report something that’s working for me.

I got an Apple Watch and I’m successfully using it with @jds02006 's TicTag. The slack integration sends a message to my watch, and I respond with an emoji, which slack translates into the text equivalent. I set up autoexpansions to turn that into the tags I actually want, as run into things that I want to tag when not using my computer or phone.


Could you give some examples? What emoji’s would you expand into which tags?

That does sound like a very cool setup and I’d be very interested in more details.


What I have so far:

:house: → housework watch-entry (goes to a housework goal)
:watch: → watch watch-entry
:blue_book: → read watch-entry (goes to a hobby goal)
:green_book: → quasi-work read watch-entry (work-related reading, quasi-work goes to a goal that includes non-priority work)

I mostly just leave non-screentime things as afk if they’re not something related to a goal

Edit: er, I lied. The book ones were ones that I meant to set up imminently and it looks like underscores don’t work currently.


This is super awesome, thanks for the idea!

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That helps a lot in making it clearer :slight_smile: It feels like a brilliant way of making a few key entries when we aren’t near any other device.

I think it’s a really neat idea - thanks a lot for sharing.

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@bluetulip Saw your edit, I updated the regex for tags–underscores will work now!