Clozemaster integration bug

While creating a new goal with Clozemaster, several clicks on “check” lead to multiple adding of the same languages in the drop down menu.



Eek! Thanks so much for the bug report! (Our bug bounty is physical stickers – tell us your snailmail address if you’d like some!)

For prioritizing, can you tell if this messes up the goal that gets created? And does reloading the page serve as a workaround? (Not that that would mean it’s not worth fixing!)

You are most welcome!
I would pass on the stickers though. I am currently in Ukraine and sending stickers there would be too much. But thank you!

  1. The goal still works. It doesn’t matter which entry you select, so it is more a cosmetic bug.
  2. Reloading the page works to set it back.

You can put it a little lower on the prioritization list :+1:

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