Completing a Goal

What happens when you finish a goal? How does Beeminder tell you?
I completed one of my goals today, it was short, and I also used the opportunity to test out beeminder. Today was also the finished date, but I didn’t see anything to notify me or congratulate me that the goal had been completed (unless it was running to midnight).

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Awesome! Well done you!

(Not sarcasm, just more celebration than the system is likely to offer…)

This is an area that we could definitely improve.

In some ways, Beeminder is geared toward forever goals, of the endlessly striving variety. I wonder whether differentiating between goal types would help us do better in celebrating when a completable goal has been achieved.

Tomorrow you’ll probably receive a (pretty bland) congratulatory email, coupled with an invitation to restart your goal to reach the (assumed) next target.