Confused- setting up 3 ebay auctions per day

My goal is to set up three ebay auctions every day for a week,
I am utterly confused about the graph and the message:

lubuck/ebay: -2.00 ending in 7 days, 13:31:40 or pay $10

at the top! What doES the negative (-) sign mean??? If I enter a positive data value (+) and update my progress then the NEGATIVE value at the top increases! THIS IS TOTALLY CONFUSING

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Hi there! Sorry for the confusion. Keen to hear more, because it’s valuable to learn about these things from a newcomer’s perspective.

I find it really tricky to use Beeminder for short term goals. Not least because it can get confusing as the end date approaches.

My best guess as to what’s going on is that you inadvertently set the goal slope to be 3 auctions per week, rather than per day. After an initial burst of good behaviour, you’d be at 5 auctions, which is 2 more than the goal thinks you need in total.

Hence the (badly worded) headline that you need to do at least -2 more by the end of the week…

The visual clue would be that you’ve got a lot of safety buffer, that your datapoints are much further above the road than you’d expect.

Having said all that, I’m confused by the seven days in the message, because that sounds like you had even more safety buffer than I’d expect. Can’t investigate further without diving into the transaction logs, because it seems you’ve deleted the goal.

On this particular topic of auctions, @dollarflipper was really successful at using Beeminder for his ebay efforts.

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My goal ended on January 1. It was only a 4 or five day goal. When I tried to change my safety buffer it would automatically change my goal end date. I will start with a simpler goal without any monetary committment until I figure out how this works,

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