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Feature idea: goal categories

Hi everyone (first post here),

I am really liking Beeminder and I use it more and more, making my goals more fine-tuned and granular. The issue I have now is that my dashboard is starting to be clogged up (and I still need to add even more granular goals).

Is there a way to group the goals by category or type or tag maybe? That way from the dashboard you could just collapse/uncollapse only the categories you wish to focus on at a given time (maybe have categories related to health/weight loss, other related to work, others related to learning, habits, etc).

Thank you (and if such feature does exist already, please do point me towards and/or delete this post, as you see fit).



Hi! There is a way to use tags, though it’s not fully implemented yet:

Once you have some tags, you can group the goals by that tag by going to

Personally (i.e. this is not necessarily an Official Beeminder Endorsement), I actually use tags in combination with a third-party extension made by a user: My Beeminder browser extension

If you have that extension set up, you can just press the ‘f’ key on your keyboard and a little search pops up. You can put the name of the tag in there, and it’ll show your tagged goals… and then it’s easy to erase the search and put in another tag. I find that a bit more convenient than using the hashtag URLs.


Thank you so much that is what I was looking for!

They should made the tags page easier to find though lol…

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It’s on the list! It’s really useful to know when people are looking for things like this, because it helps us decide on the priority for features and tweaks, so thanks for sharing! :grin: