Coursera integration

Has anyone looked into this? I took a brief look at the Coursera API, but it doesn’t seem to support getting a student’s progress. On the other hand, I have no experience with that sort of programming, so I could (hopefully) be wrong.


I use a timer to track my work on these kind of courses.

Didn’t think of looking for an API. But also, each course I’ve done so far has had a different structure, different number and length of video, different style of quiz/assignment, etc. So I’m not sure what metric would be most useful to beemind.

A complete aside: I’ve discovered that Coursera, edX, et al, also have courses in languages other than English. Usually complete with a transcript so that you can listen and read in unison.

I’ve been doing courses in French, which means that even if the subject material seems a bit basic, I’m still learning something useful. Highly recommend doubling-up: consume news or fiction or mooc in your target language.

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I’d beemind finishing videos or homework. Most aren’t too long since
they’re usually split up a fair bit.

You can Beemind the amount of hours you spent via RescueTime ( RescueTime already has a “Reference & Learning” category, but you can assign Coursera, any other site and any app you want under a “E-Learning” custom subcategory and then connect that with Beeminder.
I used this to track time spent on an academic paper as well as on specific development projects.


I do that already, but an API would allow me to work on my iPad since
rescuetime can’t track that.


In case you also have an android device, there is RescueTime for Android…

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