Custom Dashboard

I’ve made my own custom dashboard using the api to sort goals in the way I
want and to do all kinds of other little organizational tasks. Most of it
is in the “experimental” stage, so I’m keeping a lot of the weird tweaks I
have out of this file. It can probably be done much more simply (and MUCH
more cleanly) if you know what you’re doing. (I do not.)

Anyway, here it is. Change the info to include your own username and your
user token. I also like to have a visual representation of each goal so
that I can find them quickly and because I feel it gives a slight
motivational kick in the seat, so I include a folder called “goalpics” in
my public Dropbox folder and in it I name each pic the same as the slug for
the goal with which it pairs: “slug.jpg” so that it’s automatically added
to the page as well. (You can use find/replace to either delete that, or to
put your dropbox info in place of the placeholder.)

Anyway, pop this online along with the api files it needs to run. (My
userdashboard.php file is on my personal domain in a folder that also
contains a “lib” folder which contains the “Beeminder” folder that houses
the api. Someone else will be likely to create a better version of this and
a better explanation to go along with it. The result is a comfortable and
tweakable dashboard where you can see all of your goals as well as their
mini-graphs and images that remind you of why you’re doing all this to
begin with.

Sometime in the future I might put up an example of a fake version of the
finished product (unless someone beats me to it or posts their own actual
dashboard), but if you’re handy with code and have your own domain already,
you can test it out yourself in under 5 minutes anyway.

Feel free to do whatever you’d like with this. Post improvements to it up
here so I can steal them, please!

I hope this is useful to someone,
PS - No laughing at the terrible coding please… I don’t have a lot of
coding skill, so I just duct-taped this together.