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We’re getting more active on social media, and I’d love to share some user experiences there! We’re currently using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’re interested, please comment below or message me with:

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  • the name/username you’d like to follow the quote (and tag you on social media, if you’d like!)
  • (optional but awesome!) a graph image (or a link to a public graph)

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Hey Andrew, we do support PayPal (though we wish everyone would use credit cards instead) and are anxious to understand why it seemed to be asking for a credit card regardless. Unless that was PayPal asking for the credit card?

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  1. Description: Beeminder is has been life changing for the last 2 years. I use it to track everything (phone calls, appointments, water consumed, compliments to my wife,etc). It allows me outsource to a system my day to day decisions and ensure that I get everything important done.

  2. username: cgamer1

  3. I went from 3 bottles of water a month to 3-4 bottles a day due to Beeminder:


@cgamer1 That’s such fantastic progress, thank you for sharing! It’s so great to hear about people using Beeminder to not only improve their productivity (which is already awesome!) but also their health! Keep up the awesome work! :smiley:

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  1. Thanks to Beeminder, I succeeded in impressing my in-laws with my Spanish. Before Beeminder’s ‘commitment with a sting,’ breaking my Duolingo streak would mean weeks passed before I restarted. Since I enabled the automatic data sync three years ago, I have finished the entire Spanish ‘tree’ and even got every lesson fully Gold.
  2. @gudamor on Twitter

Oh I guess that’s confusing: in the time since I got every lesson Gold, they have released more lessons, so now they aren’t all Gold in the image I linked.


@gudamor Thank you so much for sharing your story! And wow, congratulations! It’s amazing to accomplish something that opens new doors! :smiley:

I’m in a similar spot with the Italian tree. I finished it before meeting my boyfriend’s parents, and while I’m no where near fluent or confident yet, I was at least able to tell his mom “This is a beautiful gift, thank you so much!” which really surprised and pleased her :slight_smile: Redoing my goal tree after the updates is going to take quite a while, but at least I’m learning the content more thoroughly than the last time.

If it’s alright with you, I’ll use just the owl trophy from the screenshot just so non-DuoLingo users won’t be confused!

  • Description: Beeminder helps me defeat my procrastination and keeps me motivated to juggle both my work and personal priorities. And I’ve been able to steadily improve my Spanish with a 100+ day streak in Duolingo.
  • Twitter handle: @thameera
  • Graph:

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, @thameera! :smiley: Procrastination’s one of my biggest problems, I don’t know what I’d do without Beeminder!

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So many ways Beeminder has helped me!

My username is @ssteiner.


Thanks so much @ssteiner! :grinning: I’ve actually been surprised by how many people use Beeminder for brushing and flossing… Would nine out of ten dentists recommend Beeminder? :thinking:


Ciao @hmowilliams :slight_smile:

I’m starting to notice a pattern by reading user stories! A lot of beeminders users seem to be interested in learning languages, and they already used spaced repetition systems before coming across beeminder. I read a guest blog post about someone using anki to learn ancient Hebrew, you and @gudamor use Duolingo, @ssteiner is on anki too, I have an homemade SRS to learn japanese…

Beeminder + SRS is really nice. Very straightforward to quantify the input with the amount of reviews done, and you eventually get a really nice graph with hundreds of thousands in the y axis :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been using Beeminder since early 2012 and it’s by far the most successful and long-term of all the productivity systems I’ve tried. My fruit and vegetables goal is still my biggest success (nearly 2500 days now!) but Beeminder has been flexible enough to give me a great motivational tool for a wide range of activities. Even when depression sucks away most of my will, the small financial stings and the akrasia horizon keep me making at least a little progress on the things that are important to me; that’s something I don’t get from any other system. (Disclaimer: I do some paid work for Beeminder: user support and occasional coding. Another reason I stick with Beeminder is that the founders are lovely and a delight to work with.)

Alys (no social media link)

Trim the quote in any way you want if it’s too long.


oh wow. thanks for your help. it seems you’re a long timer here and that’s amazing. may i ask you questions if i have any? thanks

  • Description: As someone who struggles a lot with depression, anxiety, and overall executive function problems I’ve been using Beeminder to keep me on track with all kinds of goals. Just this year alone I’ve used it to motivate myself to finally read through The Phenomenology of Perception, restart a meditation practice, and consistently use a bullet journal. Probably the biggest success I’ve had this year is in overcoming my agoraphobia. Even when work doesn’t require it I’m leaving my apartment basically every day. After months of tracking Beeminding this goal I don’t even think twice about going out.
  • Username: @clarissaadjoint on Twitter, Clarissa Littler
  • Photo:

:slight_smile: Hi! I’m certainly happy to answer questions but there’s actually a fair bit I still don’t know about Beeminder! For instance, I haven’t used many of the integrations. I’ve noticed that a great way to ask questions is to direct them to the forum in general and then anyone who has useful tips will chime in. The newbies category is pretty good for that, and not just for new users! I learn things from browsing through the threads there.

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  1. I used Beeminder to finish my PhD thesis a year and a half ahead of schedule! Beeminder forced me to put my butt in the seat and spend the time to crank out the pages. I started small – just a half hour a day – and regularly pushed my goal higher until I was working 5-6 full productive hours on my thesis every day. I’ve continued to use Beeminder now that I’m out in the real world, and it has cumulatively pushed me to do nearly 1400 hours of actual, productive work over the last two years.

  2. lanthala



@eugeniobruno That’s true! Being able to see real evidence of progress towards a goal is so awesome, especially for goals like learning languages! :slight_smile:

Spaced repetition software is so cool, I don’t know how I’d get through school without SRS!

@alys That’s such an awesome goal – and fantastic job staying on track for so long! :smiley: Thanks for sharing your experience!

@clarissalittler Wow! Great job beeminding such an incredible journey – it’s so cool to see your confidence in leaving the house visibly increase over the past several months! Thanks so much for sharing! :smiley:

@lanthala Congratulations on finishing your thesis, and early, too! :smiley: It’s great to hear that Beeminder has continued working for you after school as well!

You guys are all amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Beeminder :smiley: We’d love to send you stickers as a thank you, please DM me your name and address!

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We’re currently using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I’d bee interested to follow an Instagram account. I use IG usually for some offtime coupled with a bit of running inspiration, and I think some beeminding inspiration would fit in nicely. Don’t really use FB or LinkedIn, and want to keep Twitter mostly work/study stuff. Of course that’s just me, and I can always come here for more beeminder ideas. :slight_smile:

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@howtodowtle We actually just started an Instagram account a couple days ago – it’s great to hear that it’s something people actually want and will find useful! :smiley: Follow us at :honeybee: