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[oops, I accidentally replied to a spammer! I guess I’ll leave this here for posterity…]

Hey Andrew, we do support PayPal (though we wish everyone would use credit cards instead) and are anxious to understand why it seemed to be asking for a credit card regardless. Unless that was PayPal asking for the credit card?

In any case, can you email so we can figure that out with you?

  1. Description: Beeminder is has been life changing for the last 2 years. I use it to track everything (phone calls, appointments, water consumed, compliments to my wife,etc). It allows me outsource to a system my day to day decisions and ensure that I get everything important done.

  2. username: cgamer1

  3. I went from 3 bottles of water a month to 3-4 bottles a day due to Beeminder:


@cgamer1 That’s such fantastic progress, thank you for sharing! It’s so great to hear about people using Beeminder to not only improve their productivity (which is already awesome!) but also their health! Keep up the awesome work! :smiley:

  1. Thanks to Beeminder, I succeeded in impressing my in-laws with my Spanish. Before Beeminder’s ‘commitment with a sting,’ breaking my Duolingo streak would mean weeks passed before I restarted. Since I enabled the automatic data sync three years ago, I have finished the entire Spanish ‘tree’ and even got every lesson fully Gold.
  2. @gudamor on Twitter


Oh I guess that’s confusing: in the time since I got every lesson Gold, they have released more lessons, so now they aren’t all Gold in the image I linked.


@gudamor Thank you so much for sharing your story! And wow, congratulations! It’s amazing to accomplish something that opens new doors! :smiley:

I’m in a similar spot with the Italian tree. I finished it before meeting my boyfriend’s parents, and while I’m no where near fluent or confident yet, I was at least able to tell his mom “This is a beautiful gift, thank you so much!” which really surprised and pleased her :slight_smile: Redoing my goal tree after the updates is going to take quite a while, but at least I’m learning the content more thoroughly than the last time.

If it’s alright with you, I’ll use just the owl trophy from the screenshot just so non-DuoLingo users won’t be confused!

  • Description: Beeminder helps me defeat my procrastination and keeps me motivated to juggle both my work and personal priorities. And I’ve been able to steadily improve my Spanish with a 100+ day streak in Duolingo.
  • Twitter handle: @thameera
  • Graph:


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, @thameera! :smiley: Procrastination’s one of my biggest problems, I don’t know what I’d do without Beeminder!


So many ways Beeminder has helped me!

My username is @ssteiner.


Thanks so much @ssteiner! :grinning: I’ve actually been surprised by how many people use Beeminder for brushing and flossing… Would nine out of ten dentists recommend Beeminder? :thinking: