Daily planning buddy?

Does anyone know of a service that would allow you to pair up with someone to spend 30 minutes planning your day together on a video call or voice call each morning?

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I think the closest thing that comes to mind is focusmate.com, have you tried it?


I think I tried it once a long time ago. Do you use it regularly? Do you find it valuable?

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I use it every day, several times a day. I actually setup a 25m meeting at 9 am every day and use it to plan my day.

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Ok, just booked a session to do planning this morning. Will see how it goes!

Seconding the focusmate suggestion.

At $5 per month it seems insanely cheap, and of course I beemind my sessions using the official integration (and autodial the slope, natch) because even an awesome tool like this needs nudging to remember it exists.

It doesn’t naturally fulfil the ‘planning together’ part of your request, but you can
a) share your booking URL and let folks in your existing networks decide to plan with you
b) favourite/star the focusfolks you plan best with and let focusmate bring you together more often


Wow. Two days so far and Focusmate is helping a ton! @vivgui Thanks for the nudge to give it another try!


Glad to hear it!

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Check out https://www.momentumbuddy.com/
We launched it under Success Circles 17 years ago.It helps with Planning forward, declaring your Why, and getting feedback.

I use FocusMate too as well, however the Momentum Buddy conncept goes way beyond that and Buddies change every 2 weeks. The next Buddy cycle begins this weekend.