Focusmate Sessions: weekly versus daily goal

Hi, Newbee here.

I’ve set my goal to be three focusmate sessions a week. However Beeminder is placing daily deadlines on me to do three focusmate sessions per day. Why the discrepancy?

Ooh, important question for us: when did you create this goal? Because 2 weeks ago we made a critical change to goal creation – – to try to alleviate exactly this confusion. (In fact it was thanks to the Focusmate folks who let us know how much this was confusing people!)

I created it yesterday–Jan. 30. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

If your graph is steeper (harder commitment) than you intended, can sort you out.

For the underlying confusion, goal creation now forces you to convert a weekly goal to daily:


Like if you want to average 3 Focusmate sessions per week, then (as the popup explains if you click “what about weekly goals?”) you’d put in “3/7” as the number of sessions per day.

OH! that makes sense. Thank you.

If you can manage to reconstruct your thought process at the time (eg, you didn’t pay attention to that “per day” or maybe you put “sessions per week” as the units or something and assumed Beeminder would interpret that correctly – I’m making wild guesses) that could potentially help us a ton in further tweaking that UI. Thanks for the feedback on this!

I stumbled across this two days ago. I wanted to get back into Focusmate and test the Beeminder integration. I am not using Focusmate premium, so I wanted to start with 3 sessions per week. I don’t remember if I clicked on the pop-out link, but I apparently I was too lazy and simply went 7 sessions per week.

So, I guess in this case it motivated me to set a higher rate (and I will have to purchase Focusmate premium again to achieve the rate), but I would have found it frustrating if I had insisted on a lower rate (or maybe I would have figured out the “3/7” trick by myself).

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