Datapoint comments don't show?

Hi there,

When I click on the “DATA” section for my goal I can review a list of existing datapoints including date and value. However, this list doesn’t show me the comments entered with the datapoints, see attached screenshot. How can I get the comments to show? My Browser is Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 on Windows 7.

Thanks, Robert


Yikes, that’s surprising! My comments always show up. I wonder what we may have broken here! :slight_smile: Is anyone else seeing this? Would you mind trying on another browser, @erstmalnkaffee?

And thanks so much for reporting this! Can we send you stickers?

OK, I’ve found the problem. I have a comment blocker extension installed (“Shut Up”). When it’s active it hides the comment column. (Sounds kinda obvious, in hindsight.) When I deactivate the extension on the comments show up all right.


Ha, love it! :grin: Thanks for debugging that for us!