Any way to look at specific data points and comments for Archived goals?

Any way to look at data points for archived goals?

I’ve created a study goal for each exam I’m studying for,
And simultaneously using the comment section as a study log as well.
I would like to review how I studied, for my future exams.
I have the two exams Tomorrow, and therefore the goals will archive then.

Based on my grades, I can compare how I did each exam, with the quantity of studying,etc.

The one goal I’ve archived ( my generic study log) doesn’t seem to allow me to look specific data points or comments.


Hi @cmcgr078, I think there is a terminology confusion here. When you archive a goal, indeed, you can’t access the information. But as you reach your goal, it doesn’t archive automatically, it stays in your active goals gallery as a goal in which you succeeded. And for such goals, you can see all past data through “all data” tab, just like for any running goal.

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the url to the datapoints -< username >/goals/< goalslug >/datapoints - should still work, but it’s not there to click on in the ui :slight_smile: