Default line type for custom goals should be steppy

Right now, the default line type for custom goals is none. But almost all my goals are “do more” type which should have a line type of steppy.

I make all my goals custom (mostly to make them integery and change aggday). So as it is now I have to change the line type for all of them, or else make them “do more” and convert to custom.

Do more is the most common goal type, so the default for custom should be steppy.

I have something like 70 goals, and most of them have custom aggday or are integery.

It is much lower friction for me to think of it as a different type of goal with custom attributes than a custom goal. I always start with the goal type that gets me 99% of the way there, convert to custom and tweak the one or two attributes.

Try that, see if it works better for you.

I’m not sure I can think of a good enough reason to have custom in the goal creation area that overrides the downside of people trying it, forgetting something, and setting up a broken goal.