Goal type changing

After setting up a goal, can I change the goal type (for instance from odometer to whittle down?

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If you email support, we can do it behind the scenes. So ‘yes’, but it can break things.

For this particular example, odometer goals want you to stay above the road, and whittling down goals want you to stay below the road. If there’s any history, you may be better off stopping one goal and creating a brand new one. (If it’s the first week of a goal, pressing ‘archive’ will give you the option to delete it and start again.)

Certainly, we’ll do a better job of fulfilling your support request if you describe what you’re trying to do and why, etc. The context is going to be super-important if we’re going to craft a goal that matches your intentions.

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Thanks, but it seems to be to complicated. I’ll prefer to delete it and set up a brand new goal. The effort is just 10 cents worth, actually.