Recognizing the goal type

I am right that the UI does not show the goal type? Up to this point, I have only used Do More goals. Now I tried making an Odometer goal, and I don’t see that goal type is shown anywhere. So, I would have to remember which goals are which type, or experiment with entering values.

I would prefer that the goal type would shown clearly.

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You may find that it’s easier to remember than you expect, because the choice of do more vs odometer is really tied to what data is easier to enter. e.g. whether to tell the goal that I read 12 pages today, or just that I’m currently on page 195?

Apart from the data entries, the graphs look and behave almost identically. Both show the cumulative total, for instance, and require you to stay above the road.

There’s also a subtle hint on the website, in that odometer goals default to telling you the ‘total’ you need to reach to stay on the road, rather than the delta.

Aside: we also don’t currently capture the goal type in terms of whether it’s fitness, or work, or whatever. Both would be good.