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Defragmenting my schedule


How hard is TagTime to setup for someone (say, me) who’s got no coding experience?


It works great for me – I do this! When a Toggl time entry completes, Zapier creates a detailed calendar event in GCal with the name, start and end time, etc. I find it really helpful to see on my calendar what I’m actually doing.

Toggl does this too, mostly! You can click “go away” on the pop-ups, but if I don’t have a timer running I get a ping every 15 minutes to start one. (I guess it doesn’t pop up to make sure my current timer is still accurate, but I don’t have much trouble with leaving timers running too long…)


Does this need a premium plan? That would be a great addition to my use of toggl, but I do not recognize this feature from my experience.


I don’t have a premium plan, but I do use the desktop app. On a Mac, it’s in Preferences > Reminders:



Thanks for clarifying this! I have been using the website, and now I see that the desktop app has many more useful features.


The original tagtime implementation might seem a little geeky, although in the end you just have to be able to start a perl skript and to exit the vim editor. I don’t know how complicated this is under windows but you shouldn’t have problems using Mac OS or Linux.
Another option would be TagTime-desktop which provides a nice GUI implementation with autocompletion and for which you can download “one click installation files” for nearly all desktop operating systems. One caveat is that it is not using exactly the official TagTime schedule so if you’re als using TagTime on your phone you get different pings. However there is a PR for making the official schedule available, so hopefully in a few weeks this will be fixed.
Finally if you’re using the android app this is just a matter of installing the app.


I am testing an (Android) app called Self M. The biggest advantage is that it works in retrospect. It works with lockscreen tracking, asking every 10-15min what you just have done. And then you can organize the time into activities that you have chosen.

It works pretty easy. Because I also use Toggl, but always forget to switch timers :yum:


I’ve had my instance of Vim running in background for two years now. I hope to find a way to exit it in 2019.

Joking aside, I’m in the process of developing an Emacs-based system for helping with time tracking. Including percentages (more or less done), Toggl integration (done), Beeminder integration (obviously done), cool stats (halfway done), pop-up reminders (halfway done). I can say a little more if anyone’s interested.


Sorry @hmowilliams for hijacking your awesome thread :grimacing:

to quote a friend of mine who was once a very very avid vim user, then joined the church of emacs for “bigger” files and then… “I now use an emacs without any packages for small files for which I have used vim before. I aliased it to eq for emacs quick. Because with using both vim and emacs I ended up using emacs shortcuts in vim all the time and then had to google how I get out of vim constantly”. :grin:
He also had some auto save plugin in vim so whenever he accidentally messed up it was soon made permanent and then he better remembered how to undo the mess in vim… It just doesn’t end. And of course he has no backups.

a) Isn’t there some emacs beeminder package already?
b) I’m soon gonna continue making my small VS Code (read: the new emacs. There. I said it. :sunglasses:) beeminder extension. I assume there won’t be enough overlap to join forces? Or will there?

but back to topic. A little bit at least.
@hmowilliams I love your purple yellow color scheme in your screenshot in the first post and how your 1% time interval thing brought more awareness!

I might be the weirdo here but I love physical buttons and I got access to a laser cutter and I will take any excuse to use it so once I’m done with the e-Ink thing, is there any interest in an ridiculously overbuilt small console with laser engraved buttons for y’all’s little 15 minute / 1% tag time toggle time tracking needs? That was just 5 t in a row. whee.

e-Ink Beeminder Dashboard
e-Ink Beeminder Dashboard

There are two, one of them mine.

I’m afraid not, unless you can write VSCode plugins in Emacs Lisp. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or you could just stop using toys and get yourself a real text editor.)
[/me ducks and hides]

But I will definitely write about my system (a blog post is already in the works), so some degree of cross-pollination of ideas could be beneficial.

Coming back to the OP: I agree that this is insanely awesome. I think I’m stealing the idea for my system (especially that I had a similar one, though hour-based and not day-based).


Yes please! I would totally buy one of those!!


Emacs got so much more usable for me when I remapped all commands to “quit and start vim.”


How many buttons and what would they do?


think a matrix of self made flic buttons. Maybe one per tagtime tag? How many tags do people have? 6? 12? 60?

Basically one button for each category of activity:

And instead of some pop up on your screen the button panel could gently light up when it’s time. You then press down the laser engraved button that describes what you’re doing right now. The light fades out and you are left with a pleasant feel of accomplishment.

Maybe something like this (courtesy to massdrop):


Yeah, I love the android app and find it easy to use and it comes with me everywhere and does pretty much everything I want.


I found it very difficult to use because of two big problems:

  1. No pop up when an alert goes off when the screen is on
  2. Delays in the alarm when the screen is off

How were you able to get around that?