Delete goals?

I… often make mistakes… for example now i realized i did my latest goal as odometer instead of as do more, and i have no way to change it, if I could delete it i would wait 1 week end re-make it but i cannot even delete it…

Also, i’d like to re-use some of my archivied names for other types of goals, but that seems impossible too without being able to delete goals…

Is there a way that i don’t know to delete goals? Will this (i think) basic feature will be added in the future?


If you email they can do all of the things you talked about for you, including just switching the goal to be an odometer rather than delete+create. :slight_smile:


Oh me too! Particularly if I’m trying something new, I often create and delete a series of test goals before I get it right.

Newly and recently created goals can be deleted, within the first week or seven datapoints, whichever comes first. (iirc)

Renaming goals is a premium feature in part because it’s possible to screw up autodata that way (both in userland and in the system).

The ability to delete archived goals (i.e. after the akrasia horizon) sounds like a plausible #UVI, though.

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Saying that something needs to be a premium feature because it isn’t implemented robustly/correctly strikes me as very strange. :smile:

Ha, well, it’s not the half-assedness or brokenness that justifies the premiumness, just that the half-assedness and brokenness means support cost for us in making it work correctly. As long as, from the user’s point of view, it does work correctly, I’m ok with that justification for something being premium. In the “No Carrots For You” section of our announcement of the premium plans we list the justifications for making features premium.

We’ve been thinking about this again lately. I’ll start a new thread at some point but we’re thinking of ditching “Plan Bee” and adding a “Fuzzy Buzzy” plan.

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