Derail no mail

Just checked the app and apparently I derailed without any emails warning nor detailing the derail.

That seems like a bug.

There were a small number emails that didn’t go out yesterday due to a
mail provider outage. I checked on it shortly afterwards and it
appeared they had all gone through, but I just checked and there were
<20 that still needed to go out. I just triggered them. Take a look
in a few minutes, and see if you’ve got a message.

If not, I’ll continue to dig in to see if we sent you a message and it
just isn’t arriving, or what.

Nothing yet

Alright, I unstuck another thing–let me know if you don’t get an email within an hour or so.

Got it

In case that you are unaware: you can reply to the derail mail requesting not charging you, technical fail on the Beeminder side is certainly a valid reason for considering derail illegitimate.

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