Did anything change with the API within the last 12 hours?

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my Emacs client suddenly stopped working within last 12 hours or so. I’m investigating this, since I’m quite dependent on it, but just wanted to make sure: did anything with the Beeminder API change within the last 12 hours? More specifically, it seems that the format of some data might have changed. Was that possible?



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Thanks for being so fast! So, strange things apparently happen. I’ll be looking into this.

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It seems that I’m close to finding the culprit. This goal breaks my client: https://www.beeminder.com/mbork/code-reading . It is a strange edge case: I derailed, but the goal is scheduled for archiving. Never seen anything like that before. For this goal, calculating the sum of today’s datapoints somehow doesn’t work. I found a workaround, although I still do not understand what is happening (and don’t have more time for that now, probably).

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Sounds like it’s our fault, directly or indirectly! Would be great to get a fuller bug report, or at least hear about the workaround!

How about this: curl 'https://www.beeminder.com/api/v1/users/mbork.json?auth_token=[redacted]&diff_since=1499212800' omits the offending goal (code-reading) from the result. Is it what is intended?

(BTW, as you can see, I don’t have time for studying other people’s code nowadays. Sigh…)

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Archived goals aren’t returned in api goals listing etc. So maybe the api didn’t change, but your goal state did? Was the goal archived at the time that it stopped showing up in api results? or just frozen?

It was about to be archived, but not yet in that state IIUC.