GitHub goal is not updating

Hello, I have a GitHub goal that is not updating since May 13, 2022. I have public commits after that, but they are not showing on my Beeminder goal. I tried to update the goal with the fetch data button multiple times and also tried to make more commits today to see if it changed things, but nothing. What else can I try?

My goal: github – damianocasula – beeminder
My GitHub page: damianocasula (Damiano Casula) · GitHub

(Sorry for my bad English, I’m not native)

Thank you in advance, have a great day!

Hello! We have a few FAQs about things which can prevent updating a Github goal in our help docs, can you check that article to see if any of that might be the problem?

If that doesn’t help, can you contact us via, so we can dig into things more? It’s easier for us to dig into issues that affect a single user via email.


Thank you so much, this was really helpful!

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