Discourse account linking to twitter and github not working

So I wanted to hook up my twitter and github to this forum:

But clicking the “Connect” button for github results (eventually after one, two quick redirects) in this:

And clicking the “Connect” button for twitter results in this:

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Thanks for the bug report! Looks like we have a typo in our own URL. Embarrassing!

I’m failing to find where to fix that so I shall call in @techapj to help. It seems we have a buzz.beeminde.com that should be buzz.beeminder.com or, better, forum.beeminder.com since we’re no longer really using the buzz.beeminder alias, cute as that is.

This needs to be fixed on target app side. For example in above case the GitHub app needs to be updated with correct authorization callback URL. See this post for more details:

I recommend going through all the connected/enabled services and verifying the provided URL/tokens.

Confirmed the fix for GitHub (thanks to @simon.cossar earlier today) but we determined that the Twitter error is Discourse’s bug. And it sounds like the fix may be that that Associated Accounts section shouldn’t even be shown when single sign-on (SSO) is enabled, as it is for us.

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Voila! We just removed the “Associated Accounts” section. It didn’t make sense to be there since there’s only one way to log in to the forum: with your Beeminder account.


Thanks again for the bug report! DM me your snailmail address to claim your stickers!