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Question for @galtsubery (creator of – and thanks again for building a fantastically useful tool!) or others who may know their way around it: I see you added StackOverflow at some point. Yay! But I’m sadly getting a 500 error when I try to create a new StackOverflow goal. Is that a known bug? Anything elucidating in the server logs (I’m dreeves on StackOverflow)?

You’re welcome, Thanks for building Beeminder :smile:
The problem was that is expecting numerical user id. This is what stackoverflow’s api is using to identity users. Due to lack of validation, the credential was persisted to the database and causes an error. I added a fix for that so it shouldn’t raise and error again.


This is unrelated to the primary thread topic, but it seems like data has stopped coming in from @galtsubery, what’s your preferred place for reporting that?

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This is a good place to report that. Everything should be fixed now.