Do a select squery on the data

Hello. I have the following problem. I have introduced a goal to limit my alcoholic beverage intake, but for the beginning - I just wanted to track what my intake is so I set the limit very high so I do not derail.
Now that I am done tracking my intake, I want to see how much did I drink in average in the last month. Is it possible to execute, somewhere on the website, a query to see the data within a time interval or does one need to download the csv database manually and do with it?

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The CSV export is probably your friend for this particular case, where you want to restrict your analysis to a time period.

Also, the statistics tab will tell you the total to date, and the data stats section will tell you something about your average consumption. The ‘mean delta’ is possibly close to the number you’re looking for, being the daily average.


I’ll try that! Thanks!

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