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Duolingo link broken?

Hi, I’m scheduled to derail in about 50 minutes on a Duolingo goal. I completed enough lessons today not to derail but the automated link doesn’t seem to be working. I can work with the help desk tomorrow to call non-legit but I am posting here in case it’s an issue affecting many Beeminder users.

I just noticed the last time my goal was updated was Sept 19, so this may have been happening for a few days but I didn’t notice until I was going to derail.

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Hi! Thanks for mentioning you’re having trouble – we’ll want to dig in! Usually the link breaks if you change your username or something like that, but it’s hard to guess what might be going on without being able to look at the goal. Definitely contact us ASAP so we can hopefully cancel the charge and get things back on track.

Btw, you can also contact support@beeminder proactively – you don’t need to wait to derail! :slight_smile: We’d gladly look into it and hopefully prevent the derail, and that would be a huge benefit for us and for users in general if it turns out that something is buggy or something weird is happening.

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