Easier edit data points

Is it possible to edit data points directly from the main screen of a beeminding project?

I often have to edit data points, and every time I need to click on All Data --> Edit --> etc. whereas it would be easier if I could edit a data point directly in the Add Data section of the main screen; perhaps it could be an advanced feature, turned off by default?

Thank you!..Emmanuele


Hi Emmanuele!

In order to solve this properly, I’d like to understand why you (and anyone else) often need to edit data points.

Not least because there might be existing goal settings that would make the goal/graph work ‘correctly’ even without editing datapoints.

I’ve got 39 active Beeminder goals and I hardly ever need to edit a datapoint. So I’d really value understanding what’s different about your experience, and what’s behind the editing.


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Reasons why I edit datapoints:

  1. Entering the wrong date, usually because I used ^ when I should have used ^^.
  2. Entering the wrong amount, often 1 instead of the proper numeric value for the goals that need it.

I don’t know what the frequency of these are, I’d guess once or twice a week maybe.
I probably should beemind them to find out :smile:

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Is it almost always fixing your most recent datapoint?

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Excellent. That suggests that the needed feature is a ‘whoops, need to fix that’ popup rather than an edit-all-datapoints-from-the-graph-page. Sounds much less daunting to implement.

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