Eep reminders -- confused

It’s been a few days since the beerevolution of reminders. I’ve tried playing round with the settings a bit, but have started to receive a lot more email than I used to. In the passed I had it set to “only email me if I have an emergency day” (eep reminders, I think they were called) but now I’m getting emails 3 or 4 days in advance. This is fairly annoying as I have a large number of goals.

Any idea how I can roll things back so I was getting a minimal number of emails again?


Hi Alex! I’m the same. Minimal emails, to make sure that the important ones don’t get lost in the crowd.

If you set the ‘when I have ___ days’ parameter to zero, then you should only get emergency day notifications. Set that to –1 to disable altogether.

They’ll be zeno reminders, so you can adjust the number and timing of those emails by setting your initial check time.


Perfect. Thank you.