emergency day for jill/weight

Hey Jill, you noticed that you have to weigh in today, right?

This is the other side of the coin with the flatlining rule. If you
end up right on the top edge you’ll have zero safety buffer days and
have to report again the very next day.

(This is Jill’s weight loss goal with $499 at stake, with me
personally as beneficiary!)

Which reminds me, she said I could parade her about as interesting
example of finding the amount of money that motivates you.
Last month I won $50 from Jill, though I paid $10 for the contract. It
was a ridiculously ambitious road. [1]
Her previous contract with $621 at risk kept her on track for about a
year and she finally won it, losing about 20 pounds.
Hopefully this $499 will also suffice. In which case we’ll have
established her Motivation Point as being somewhere between $100 and

[1] It was http://bmndr.com/jill/ambish which had a $100 payout but
two of us bought it for $10 each, so we split the $100 when Jill lost.

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