Exams are coming up!

Exams are coming up!

Yes, I do have finals in about 3 weeks and I am far behind where I needed to be. I did some Beeminder in beeminder.com/marcmarti/study but that wasn’t enough and I derailed over and over after a short trip I took.

Now I have paid for the Beemium subscription and pledged that I am going to be paying 90$ if I derail (and that’s quite a lot for anyone, more for a college student :stuck_out_tongue:) for another goal which you can follow at beeminder.com/marcmarti/youbetterstudy.

I am trying to plan any possible futur inconvenience that might make me derail. This is impossible in nature, but some things can actually be avoided. So… let’s try to do this :slight_smile:

If someone has any idea or any comment to make, feel free :slight_smile: - I will appreciate any accountability.



Do you guys and girls generally have a reward for achieving a goal?

I am personally thinking of buying a really really nice piece of clothing (or two) from Wool and Prince if I accomplish my goal.

That way is either spending on Beeminder or spending on W&P.

I just need to work to get the reward!



I’ve played with rewarding myself for progress in different ways, usually in time I allow myself to spend on entertainment. I like the idea of doing something special for yourself once you accomplish the entire goal, tho. I’ve never done that.


27/05/2019 Update


This is a kinda update or a note to myself. I am thinking about limiting the options you have to accomplish what you want. This has been said multiple times, but is still important - if you find yourself being scattered or having no time to do what you want to do think: what’s the things/projects that I really want to bet on for this period of time?

And then take massive action, as much as possible. I am doing this myself.

Have a good day.

PD: I will edit this if I have something else to share later during the day.