Feature request: Beemind Toggl Track entries by description

With the Toggl Track integration, you can beemind Toggl tags, projects, or clients. But there’s another field in Toggl track: descriptions, which are open-ended text fields. With Toggl Track, I make repeated use of the same descriptions. For example, I make many repeated entries with the project “Selfcare” and the descriptions "meditate, “workout”, or “study buddhism”.

I’d like to start Beeminding my “meditate” entries. I never make a “meditate” entry under another project, so it would be fine to ignore the project field. But I’d like to be able to Beemind by Toggl description.


You can just create a tag for meditation and track that tag in beeminder. Ideally we would want a hierarchical project structure in toggl, where time is accumulated. But until then I guess this works.

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