Feature request: Configurable safe day coloring.

Continuing the discussion from Feature request: Set road width to zero easily.:

It would be nice if you could chose on a per-goal and per-color basis how many days safety buffer was considered red/orange/blue/green.


Notionally, that’s one effect of setting a custom lane width. I use it in several cases to ensure that things go ‘orange’ well in advance. Conversely, it requires a fair bit of safety buffer before going green.

But, that’s tied to lane width, so is symmetrical. And in @inst’s case, non-useful because most of his lane widths are set to zero, making the entire ‘road’ a ‘bright line’ that must not be crossed.

Arguably, the defunct ‘panic threshold’ setting could have been used to colour the graph orange-at-best.

I think it’s psychologically important to preserve ‘red’ as a something-must-be-done colour, so there should probably be some nanny-state we-know-best constraints on the configuration.

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Agree with this.

Strongly disagree with this.
But if you just mean: “It will (at least) be red if you’re going to derail today.” I can probably accept that.

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