Feature Request: Count by [Number] in Android App

Hey all,

I’ve got some goals where it makes sense to count by more than one in the tally counter, and I imagine I’m not the only one. It would really be nice sometimes to count by 10s and not have to tap 10 times to keep track. I also have some other goals that counting by numbers would be helpful for, but that’s really a separate forum post about the possible pros of counting down from a budgeted amount, instead of up from 0*. Anyone else have goals for which adjusting the number it counts by would be useful? It’s a pretty standard feature on separate “counter” apps.

*In case you’re thinking that that wouldn’t be in the spirit of beeminder, it’s still technically quantified real data - just data about how well you’re following your budget.


Sounds probably worth it. As usual we’ll prioritize this as a #UVI based on number of likes. Thanks for suggesting it!